Travel Photography

Throughout our quilt, textile, and fiber art photography career, we have had the pleasure and the opportunity to teach numerous travel photography classes and to photograph fabulous locations both nationally and internationally.

Thus we are pleased to be selling our travel images via Adobe Stock. These commercial and licensed travel images have been approved (moderated) by Adobe Stock to meet their strict criteria. As an Adobe Stock contributor, my travel photos can be used for online and offline advertisements, product packaging, publications, software, or digital design or for resale merchandise. My goal is to have 300 – 500 images for sale. I am adding new photos regularly. Here is my Adobe Stock travel photography portfolio:

Many travel images I’ve taken throughout the years would not fit the criteria for stock photos. Perhaps I’ve processed the image to be B&W or monochrome or added a “painterly”/textural effects to the photo. So, the travel images you see below fit the category of “B&W and/or painterly.” These images are for sale. If you are interested in purchasing any of these “B&W and painterly” images, call or send us an e-mail.