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Quilt Photography Clients

Thank you for all your years of service on the SAQA Exhibition Committee!
The SAQA (Studio Art Quilts Associates) Board

Quilts are best in person, but often we only get to see quilts in photographs and I’ve learned over time that in some cases, only a professional will do and I’ve also learned that all photographers are not created equal. I’ve only had one experience with Gregory photographing my work, but I can tell you it won’t be the last.

His images showcase my quilt brilliantly. He is a perfectionist, responsive to requests and is a professional in every way. I’m excited to see what he will do with the next piece.

Your photo is front and center on the [Wall Street Journal Newspaper] page about 5″ x 7″…it looks amazing! Your photography is what got that picture placed where it is in the article. I’m so happy I had you photograph that quilt for me. It shows beautifully as it should.

Jacquie Gering, Co-Founder, Modern Quilt Guild

I JUST now saw the styled shots of the Sunbonnet Sue blocks for the upcoming [The Quilt Life Magazine] issue. OMG — I’m speechless. They are great. I actually got goose bumps and almost tears in my eyes — and I’m not kidding. Thanks for the extra effort and going the distance to make such spectacular visuals for us.

Ricky Tims, Creative and Executive Director, The Quilt Life Magazine

May I say that your photograph of the [Jacquie Gering’s] “Bridges” quilt is ethereal—it captures not only the artistic workmanship, but also the ideology behind it. When I first opened the file, I just stared, awestruck. You take my breath away.

Michele Duffy, Editor-in-Chief, American Quilter’s Society

The pictures [you took] were so gorgeous that I gave Ann [Petersen, Featured Artist, March/April 2015] an extra page so I could use them all! 🙂

Kit Robinson, Editor, Machine Quilting Unlimited Magazine

This is photography week for me here in the studio and for Gregory Case out in sunny California. He is photographing the quilts for my book, and they returned yesterday along with the photos. In a word: gorgeous. The man makes my quilts look good. And he’s a consummate professional who takes so much pride in his work. Isn’t it fun to work with people who inspire you to greatness? The photographs are beautiful. I’m so glad I made the investment in quality photography for this book, as it will really make it stand out from other self-published works.

Maria Peagler
Author, Color Mastery, The Independent Book Publishers Association (IPBA)
Benjamin Franklin Award Winner for Best Craft Book of 2009

It was thrilling to find a photographer who took the time and had the knowledge required to capture the true colors of the quilt fabrics. Matching fabric color to the actual photographic image requires skill and attention to detail. Thank you, Gregory for sharing your passion for your art in capturing the true sparkle of our quilts. It was a joy working with you and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Diana McClun and Laura Nownes, From Me to You

Gregory and Elena have been the photographers for The Quilt Show since the conception of the project and then became intimately involved with the [The Quilt Life] magazine (including all the cover shots). I find them both to be very talented—and extremely creative and EASY to work with. They are of the mindset,” whatever it takes to get it right.”

Alex Anderson, Co-Host of The Quilt Show



Textiles and Fiber Arts Photography Clients

I have found him to be a pleasure to work with; he is reliable, responsive, and sensitive to the special needs of the Museum, flexible, and professional. His experience and meticulous attention to all the concerns and details of photographing textiles has proved a real asset, assuring the proper handling of objects and high quality imagery in both film and digital formats. He has a keen eye for lighting, color, surface texture, and detail as well as a good working knowledge of all the appropriate software. It is my pleasure to recommend his services.

Robin Treen, Former Exhibits Director, San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles

It was really fun to work with Gregory on the [Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot] cover—that I am immensely pleased I was very pleased with the photographs and wanted so much to show [the designer’s] wonderful work and share with everyone. In this case it was a win/win/win situation— beautiful work, beautiful photos and beautiful cover.

Sandra Bowles, Executive Director, Handweavers Guild of America (HGA)

Thank you so much for your great work…. An article about San Francisco has been popular. Japanese readers are very interested in the background of the artist and life style. Many people love the story about Linda and Alex [Anderson]. I hope to work with you next year and would like you to take photos.

Naomi Ichikawa, Editor, Patchwork tsushin Magazine (Japan)

I have been a handweaver and dyer for 35 years and know from experience how difficult it is to photograph handwoven textiles. Gregory Case has an artistic eye for capturing textures and colors through his photography. I am very pleased with his photograph of my handwoven garment, worn on a lovely model, which appeared in Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot [a Handweaver’s Guild of America magazine].

Irene Munroe

You are definitely the best photo-ist ever of my work…thank you for your art.

Consuelo Underwood, Textile Artist

I can’t tell you the number of people who advise me against sending my stuff to a professional photographer…citing that I can do it myself, blab la bla. I tell them they are out of their minds, and that you are the best thing that has ever happened to my art.

Kris Estenger, Textile Artist

Wow. You give a lot of value to your clients! I never received so many images in different sizes before. I am used to getting one tiff and one jpg per image and then using my Photoshop Elements software to resize since every exhibit I enter has different requirements. Your photography is really amazing. You are the best! And I love the fact I don’t have to resize everything. That saves me a lot of time.

Carol Ann Waugh, Fiber Artist



Photo Styling Clients

I JUST now saw the styled shots of the Sunbonnet Sue blocks for the upcoming [The Quilt Life Magazine] issue. OMG — I’m speechless. They are great. I actually got goose bump and almost tears in my eyes — and I’m not kidding. Thanks for the extra effort and going the distance to make such spectacular visuals for us.

Ricky Tims,
Creative and Executive Director, The Quilt Life Magazine

WOW! I had no idea how you were going to work the placemats in, but once again…SHEER PERFECTION! I am so impressed! Your choices to stylize the quilts were absolutely PERFECT! You and Elena are an amazing team!
Susan Jackson, Cracker Jack Quilts

We had so much fun when you were here [Quilter’s Home Magazine photo shoot]. I just received the photos and they are more than I could of ever envisioned. You both are a great team. And you made my house look so wonderful. I cried when I saw them. The color and the angles, and the styling, are great, thank you Elena. Thank you both so much. I am so proud to have you in my home. And you can be assured that I am one of your fans.

Melinda Bula, Quilt Artist

Oh Gregory: The images of my quilt [the Loading Dock for The Quilt Life Magazine] are just fabulous! I cannot thank you enough for your outstanding work on this difficult subject. Thank you so, so much! It is off Tuesday to the NQA to be judged for the "Master Quilt" award – here’s hoping luck is with me. You’re the BEST!

Mary Buvia

Very nice. You’re on a roll.

Lynn Gibney, Accuquilt

I LOVE them. Great staging on the one with four quilts. Good job Elena.

Gina Halladay, Quilters Buzz